Paulo Monteiro

  • April 8th (17.45 – 18.45) Meet the Lecturers
  • April 9th (8.30 – 9.30) Introduction to Contemporary Adhesive Dentistry
  • April 9th (16.25 – 18.10) Shape and texture on direct composite resins – The icing on the cake

“Shape and Texture on direct composite resins – The icing on the cake”

The evolution of dental materials in the field of cosmetic dentistry has been exponential. The composite resins are one example. The current composite resins available, allow us to create restorations with optical and mechanical properties similar to the natural tooth tissues with the use of simple techniques. The layering techniques with composite resins are procedures described some years ago and we used it regularity in our clinical practice. On the other hand, sometimes we forget a detail that can make all the difference in aesthetics and longevity of our restoration: the polishing and finishing procedures. It is considered the last phase in the restorative process. With this we should emulate the texture of our natural teeth. So we can have more detailed textures in young teeth and smoother textures in teeth with more age. At our disposal we have various materials to accomplish these results, depending on the sequence and the technique. In this lecture we will discuss the different materials and polishing and finishing techniques at our disposal, giving to the clinician a guide on how to proceed in their clinical reality.