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Jon Gurrea

  • April 8th (17.45 – 18.45) Meet the Lecturers
  • April 9th (8.30 – 9.30) Introduction to Contemporary Adhesive Dentistry
  • April 9th (9.30 – 11.15) Sense & Sensitivity with indirect restorations

Laminates, veneers, contact lenses, bonded porcelain restorations. This kind of restoration has many names but in the end everything is still the same. Apart from planning, the three major aspects that trouble dentists when performing BPRs are preparation, material selection and bonding. In this lecture they will be addressed, showing the differences depending on the kind of treatment.

Paulo Monteiro

  • April 8th (17.45 – 18.45) Meet the Lecturers
  • April 9th (8.30 – 9.30) Introduction to Contemporary Adhesive Dentistry
  • April 9th (16.25 – 18.10) Shape and texture on direct composite resins – The icing on the cake

“Shape and Texture on direct composite resins – The icing on the cake”

The evolution of dental materials in the field of cosmetic dentistry has been exponential. The composite resins are one example. The current composite resins available, allow us to create restorations with optical and mechanical properties similar to the natural tooth tissues with the use of simple techniques. The layering techniques with composite resins are procedures described some years ago and we used it regularity in our clinical practice. On the other hand, sometimes we forget a detail that can make all the difference in aesthetics and longevity of our restoration: the polishing and finishing procedures. It is considered the last phase in the restorative process. With this we should emulate the texture of our natural teeth. So we can have more detailed textures in young teeth and smoother textures in teeth with more age. At our disposal we have various materials to accomplish these results, depending on the sequence and the technique. In this lecture we will discuss the different materials and polishing and finishing techniques at our disposal, giving to the clinician a guide on how to proceed in their clinical reality.

Jordi Manauta

  • April 8th (17.45 – 18.45) Meet the Lecturers
  • April 9th (8.30 – 9.30) Introduction to Contemporary Adhesive Dentistry
  • April 9th (14.20 – 16.05) The never ending simplicity in aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is now-a-days a topic present in many congresses, articles and universities. Is something every dentist wants to do and achieve. Unfortunately it has not been at the reach of everyone… and not only, the more we see, the more complicated it may seem. Some people scandalize when they hear about a “simple” aesthetic dentistry as “if the fact of simplifying” would turn the aesthetics into trash. What can we say, it happens all the contrary. We will be able to learn how to obtain excellent results with the rational use of the “all time” concepts and the most contemporary. The aim is to put into practice immediately the concepts learnt.

Rodrigo R. Maia

  • April 8th (17.45 – 18.45) Meet the Lecturers
  • April 9th (8.30 – 9.30) Introduction to Contemporary Adhesive Dentistry
  • April 9th (11.35 – 13.20) Contemporary Evidence Based Dentistry – light, bonding and action
  1. Update in light curing science
  2. Light curing – Clinical strategies
  3. Introduction to Adhesion
  4. Adhesion Types
  5. Basic Requirements for adhesion
  6. Evolution of dental adhesive systems
  7. Challenges related to dental tissues
  8. Current classification of dental adhesive systems
  9. Total Etch vs. Self Etch vs. Universal
  10. Clinical application and Critical steps of different adhesive systems
  11. Direct anterior Resin Based Composite build-ups

Florin Cofar

  • April 8th (9.00 – 17.00) The 3D architecture of Smile Design


Perception of beauty and expression

Lecture on the concept of beauty, in connection with the expression
DSD (Digital Smile Design) – concept and use
Creating a DSD environment shaped for time efficient implementation
Interdisciplinary case presentation
Connecting the DSD protocol to Surgery, CAD-CAM & Ortho

Foto & Video use in DSD, protocol for high-end material

LIVE demonstration (on patient)

Video mock-up

LIVE demonstration (on patient)

Treatment planning, clinical and logistic protocols

Gergely Benyőcs

  • April 9th (18.10 – 18.55) Modern endodontics – a pillar of the restorative dentistry

Modern endodontics is a branch of restorative dentistry. Its goal is not only the prevention or elimination of apical periodontitis, but also the long term preservation of sound dental structures.

Focusing on a patient-centric approach, I will demonstrate different protocols, for assuring a stable base for esthetic restoration, regarding to endodontic treatments.

Many questions are being raised meanwhile:

• Should we wait, observe or treat?
• Do it in a single or multiple visits?
• Use a conventional, ninja, smart or lesion determined access?
• Does an ideal taper exist?
• What should be the final apical preparation size?
• Should we sacrifice sound dentine to remove broken instruments or not?
• Where are our limitations?

Answers to these questions can save or waste sound dental structures, but how do we suspect what it costs to save or loose a tooth?