Gergely Benyőcs

  • April 9th (18.10 – 18.55) Modern endodontics – a pillar of the restorative dentistry

Modern endodontics is a branch of restorative dentistry. Its goal is not only the prevention or elimination of apical periodontitis, but also the long term preservation of sound dental structures.

Focusing on a patient-centric approach, I will demonstrate different protocols, for assuring a stable base for esthetic restoration, regarding to endodontic treatments.

Many questions are being raised meanwhile:

• Should we wait, observe or treat?
• Do it in a single or multiple visits?
• Use a conventional, ninja, smart or lesion determined access?
• Does an ideal taper exist?
• What should be the final apical preparation size?
• Should we sacrifice sound dentine to remove broken instruments or not?
• Where are our limitations?

Answers to these questions can save or waste sound dental structures, but how do we suspect what it costs to save or loose a tooth?