Jordi Manauta

  • April 8th (17.45 – 18.45) Meet the Lecturers
  • April 9th (8.30 – 9.30) Introduction to Contemporary Adhesive Dentistry
  • April 9th (14.20 – 16.05) The never ending simplicity in aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is now-a-days a topic present in many congresses, articles and universities. Is something every dentist wants to do and achieve. Unfortunately it has not been at the reach of everyone… and not only, the more we see, the more complicated it may seem. Some people scandalize when they hear about a “simple” aesthetic dentistry as “if the fact of simplifying” would turn the aesthetics into trash. What can we say, it happens all the contrary. We will be able to learn how to obtain excellent results with the rational use of the “all time” concepts and the most contemporary. The aim is to put into practice immediately the concepts learnt.