Váci street

Váci Street, located in the city center and designated as a pedestrian precinct, runs from Vörösmarty Square to Vámház körút. The northern part is the busy and fashionable shopping street everyone refers to as Váci Street, while the southern part is lined with restaurants and over-prized souvenir shops. While Váci Street is great for a stroll, unfortunately most of the restaurants are expensive and geared towards tourists and there is little in the way of quality souvenirs for sale.

To give you an idea of the size of Pest in the Middle Ages, it was the lenght of today’s Váci Street. Next to Vörösmarty Square, on the corner of Váci Street and Türr István Street, the white line on the pavement marks the site of the medieval city wall. This is where the city’s northern gate, Váci Gate, once stood.

Insider Tip:

Start your walk at the famous Gerbeaud Café on Vörösmarty Square and you will end it with a totally different experience at the Central Market Hall on Vámház körút.

Source: visitbudapest.travel